Male and female bisexuality, differences and key concepts

Male and female bisexuality, differences and key concepts

Bisexuality has been defined as the sexual orientation of an individual to feel love or sexual desire for both people of the same sex and the opposite sex. At present, the concept is included within the three main classifications of sexual orientation; next to heterosexuality and homosexuality. And although many people believe it, is not a stage of transition to homosexuality.

Bisexuality is not something of the human species (homo and bisexual behaviors have been found in numerous animal species) or of the current historical era (in Greece and Rome, for example, it was normal for men to have sex with subjects of both sexes).


  • 1 Prejudices about bisexuality
  • 2 Differences between male and female bisexuality
  • 3 Studies on male and female bisexuality

Prejudices about bisexuality

There are many prejudices about both male and female bisexuality, these would be the most frequent;

They are vicious. Like not all heterosexuals, nor all gays like all people of the opposite sex, bisexuals don't like all the people they relate to.

They are unfaithful by nature. Infidelity has nothing to do with sexual orientation. A bisexual person can have stable monogamous relationships.

They are really gay. This prejudice is because gay or lesbian people have said they are bisexual before recognizing their homosexuality for fear of rejection because bisexuality has an implicit heterosexual part

They are mostly women. There are equally bisexual men and women, which seems that in the case of men being bisexual can question their virility, something that does not happen with women.

Differences between male and female bisexuality

Men and women often live sexuality differentlyAs a general rule, women often like preliminary games more than men and value the couple's personality more when having sex. The relationship between desire, excitement and orgasm It is not as direct as we find in men. This will determine how to understand sexual relations.

In addition, historically the education of men and women has been very different and this has influenced the experience of sexuality and bisexuality of each sex. Until not long ago, women's love and sexual education had been aimed at satisfying men, disregarding their own desire and, although this trend is slowly changing, we are still on the road so that many women can live naturally your sexuality There are still many women who do not express their sexual desires and feelings for fear of rejection or shame. And, despite several studies that claim that the percentage of bisexual girls is greater than boys, it is even more common in women to experience fantasies with people of the same sex. In addition, it is not uncommon among women to be affectionate with their friends, kissing, holding hands.

Studies on male and female bisexuality

On bisexuality there are numerous studies published during the second half of the twentieth and twenty-first century, in which results are described as that bisexuals have a more active libido, both in terms of frequency in sexual intercourse and more fantasies Erotic But the beginnings would go back to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

One of the pioneers when speaking openly about bisexuality was the same Sigmund Freudwho raised the Theory of innate bisexuality, which says that all human beings are bisexual from birth and this bisexuality is related to the existence or not of the male organ and the attraction that the person feels towards it. Freud also expressed that bisexuality was not a sexuality in itself, but a stage of transition towards definitive sexuality. These beliefs about biological bisexuality have been rejected by many later psychoanalysts.

Kinsey at work Sexual behavior in the human male (1948) focused on men, a study that he later repeated with women in 1953, found that a large part of the participants of this group had bisexual tendencies, so he concluded that bisexuality was more frequent in society than previously thought. I create a scale in which the sexual tendency is divided into 7 stages and goes from heterosexuality to the purest homosexuality with 5 degrees of bisexuality. He discovered that 60 percent of the male population and 33 percent of the female population had had experiences with people of the same sex.

Kinsey's sexual orientation scale.


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