The Balinese Massage and its benefits

The Balinese Massage and its benefits


  • 1 What is Balinese massage?
  • 2 Origins of Balinese massage
  • 3 How to perform a Balinese massage
  • 4 Indications of Balinese massage

What is Balinese massage?

The Balinese massage Traditional is a classic and ancestral massage for the healing of the island of Bali in Indonesia, hence possibly its name. Together with the knowledge of medicine as well as classical herbalism, it helps us feel better, looking healthier both outside and inside. We can understand it after all as a kind of combination between massage, acupressure, stretching, aromatherapy, medicinal baths, etc… It also enjoys good popularity and has been in continuous expansion for some time.

Origins of Balinese massage

Over many years, it is said that merchant ships were traveling through the popular islands of spices (Today, the Indonesia we know) which came from countries such as Japan, Thailand, China and India and this is related to this massage , let's see why.

This is palpable in Balinese massage, since it is inspired in some way and influenced in what is known as Ayurvedic texts (Ayurveda), while from the famous China all acupressure techniques as well as knowledge of Traditional Medicine were arriving China, also called abbreviated MTC

How a Balinese massage is performed

The Balinese massage stands out for its depth and at the same time smooth way of working almost all of the entire muscles of our body. In fact, the masseuse will have to use almost all the muscles of the body when performing the massage. If we talk about massage, we talk about techniques and without talking about techniques we talk about maneuvers, such as digits-pressures such as palm pressures, pinches, bearings, kneading and even work on the knees back or foot massage, which is known by Pakai Kaki or Mejejek too.

Said massage is carried out by means of the use of natural oil applied throughout the body of the patient / client performing a medium / high pressure. Note that the massage oils used during the massage session have a calming effect which is evident that projects and influences the client providing a sedative effect of calm and therefore of relaxation. Undoubtedly, the Balinese Massage provides us with therapeutic benefits that are worth taking advantage of.

A massage session is one of the benefits that we can give both with these techniques and others, but let's not forget that after all we look for benefits and that is why in small tips below we will see some benefits that it gives us the Balinese Massage

  • In the back area eliminates tensions and overloads.
  • In chest areas as well as abdomen it favors our heart rate and even opens what is known as energy channels.
  • In our legs and feet it manages to drain and favor our mobility and necessary circulation.

Balinese massage indications

It is also important as it is logical to consider their indications, some are:

Indicated for: Sleep disorders, allergies and respiratory distress, example: asthma. Generalized stress, muscle and joint pain, migraine, states of depression or anxiety, others.

Peacekeeping begins with the self-satisfaction of each individual.Dalai Lama

Post: David Álvarez. Therapist

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