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Why do we feel shame on others?

If we look in the scientific literature about what shame is, we will find numerous articles and books. However, if we search on the embarrassment of others, the number of findings is markedly reduced. And it is still not very clear why we feel the embarrassment of others. Although some studies, little by little, begin to shed some light.
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Magic circumference

The image shows three circles that intersect each other. At each intersection, a box has to be placed, which must be filled in with a number from 1 to 6, without repeating any and so that if we add the numbers of each circumference separately we will obtain a result 14. Are you able to achieve it?
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In detail

Interview with Dr. Manuel Sánchez and the NO formula

"We cannot clean our hands regarding our health by taking refuge in the genetic predisposition" First of all, Doctor, thank you very much for lending us some of your time for this interview, we imagine that you are a very professionally busy person. When and how did the idea of ​​the web www.
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Fall off the scaffold

OMG! That poor man has fallen off the scaffold while working ... or not? Solution It seems to be a drawing made with chalk with 3D effect. Performed by Julian Beeber.
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Wine merchants

Two wine merchants entered the country carrying 64 and 20 barrels of wine respectively. As they did not have enough money to pay customs duties, the first paid with 5 barrels and 40 Euros, while the second delivered 2 barrels, receiving 40 Euros as exchange. How much does the customs tax of each barrel cost?
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